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SEO FLAT is brand new innovative software made to assist any site owner from brand new blogger to SEO expert. Now you need zero SEO knowledge to rank your site in Google. Reverse SEO technology never seen on the market before. Find what exact search engines loves with a few mouse clicks on affordable price!

Analysis of Content Length

See the average content length in the competitors in top 10. Save you money and time by passing exact content length Google wants.

Analysis of Long Tail Keywords

Optimize your page for 10s of long tail keywords in minutes. Find which of them the competitors are using and rank for them in no time getting tons of new search queries in google search console and increasing the traffic.

Analysis of Keyword Density
Not only for the keyword you want to rank, but on each word competitors are using. Match the density and get article ideas!
Analysis Competitors Links

See the exact backlinks the competitors have and the anchors they are using. Build perfect off-page SEO profile which google loves. Chance to get easy powerful links.

Analysis of Document Architecture

See how the competitors are using the keyword in the major HTML tags and find the most used words to get idea on how to construct the article.

SILO Maker

With a single click turn your article into very informative SILO structure adding weight to other pages from your site. Get better user experience, more page views and higher crawl rate.


The Best SEO Flat Ranking Software - All Tools Inside

The base interface is very simple

All you need to do is enter keyword, click on "gather competitors" button, when competitors appear click on "generate report" button and wait few seconds. The whole report will appear. Next time you want to track your progress, the report will load much faster with the updated data. While I write this and taking screenshots, I'm still working on the design, so the tables and the data are not that pretty served :), but very accurate.

search engine optimization tools base

This report is created on random keyword "best articles" with random page in position 50+ in Google search. You will see, that the metrics are very close to these ranked on the first page, but have a lot things to be improved/fixed. There have many ways to use this report, but you can find additional info about this on the blog - some of the publications like tricks and case studies are visible for the paid members only.

Module 1 - Content length and keyword density analyzer

search engine optimization tools keyword density and content length

In this situation, the density for the main keyword matching the average (or is very close)  and content length is higher, than ranked competitors. This is why the software not suggest to make any changes. But see the first word 'best in the report on the image below.

Module 2 - HTML architecture analyzer

Check if the keyword and the words from it exists in competitors source code HTML tags, than compare to your page.
seo hrml tags analyzer toolll
This tool shows most important areas for improvement as colored in red (now with red checkbox on the last table row). This not means you must skip the others. In this example note the anchor and header HTML tags. In headers tags have total 295 in all competitors, but 2 of them are using the keyword. This means after time, if the rest of the changes you made are not enough to rank in top 10, you may consider adding the keyword in such tag. The percent in all anchors is very low - 1263 anchored links and 10 of them are with the keyword. My experience shows, that the anchor tag is very important - with its help you may get 2 or more pages ranked in top 10. If I made the changes for sure will include the keyword in this tag.

Module 3 - deep structure analyzer - words cloud builder SEO tool

In this module combed with Module 2 you will get perfect vision on how exact your pages must be optimized tag by tag in order to rank higher. Looks bit complex, but it is really simple to understand it and very helpful. I will pay extra attention on this module with a few samples.
meta titles for search engine optimization
The very first think I note when I see this is 13 words in mine title. Too long. The competitors with top 10 rank are using average 6.8 words. If I optimize this page will add meta title similar to "Best Articles to Read - Make Your Life Interesting". Title like that will cover 5 out of 6 most used words, which Google loves. Let see the next important HTML tag - H1 header:
h1 tag for seo
Just like the meta title, the length of this tag is important. It is also strongly recommended to not use this tag more than once. If I make this tag to rank the page in Google top 10 will name it similar to "Best Articles, that you can Read in Your LIfe". The report also include analyze of H2-H6 header tags, anchors for the inner links, alt texts, emphasized text and the whole body tag itself.

Module 4 - fine tuning

This is optional, but may be very helpful for very hard to rank keywords. It calculate how many times you must add/remove important words (words with density over 0.5% used from competitors in top 10) to/from your content according its length. This is #4 in the software, but if you plan to use it, better do each other changes before.

seo fine tuning

Module 5 - LSI suggest

The simplest, but very useful module. It generating list with long tail keyword, checking each word of them if exist in your content. If some of these words do not exist, SEO Flat suggest to include it in your content. It also showing you for which LSI keyword you may expect ranking just after adding single word in the content. This makes your article more informative and adds new search queries in the search console very fast. Our paid members have access to powerful tricks on how to use this module for even better result and more organic traffic.

In this sample while the word "week" not exists in the content, there have possibly zero chance to get ranked for long tail keyword like "best articles of the week" even the page get ranked in top 10 for "best articles".

Module 6 - SILO maker for higher search engine ranking

This module is too heavy to keep it online. Expect it soon as free software.

For this module is required google search console and site, that already have traffic and data there. You can come back late on it when such data appear. You will need csv file with all pages and search queries - I will explain how to get such list for our paid members. It works very simple. All you need to do is upload the csv file with the pages and their search queries, paste the article and click the submit button. Than the SILOed article will appear as HTML and as plaintext to copy and paste back to your site. If it find some of the search queries will replace it with optimized hyperlink to the already ranked page. This makes, the article more informative wikipedia style, pushing your other pages up in SERP and also pushing the current page. I'm using this module before optimizing the anchor tags in Modules 2 and 3. On site with more than 5000 search queries in google search console, after using this module, all important words for anchor tags on Modules 2 and 3 become colored in green automatic - proof SEO Flat works for your site.

Module 7 - Off-Page (backlinks) analyzer

Right now this module require free MOZ api key. It generating list of competitors backlinks and the anchors they are using. You may try to get link from some of the sites competitors using. SEO Flat will show you the exact average percent of generic, exact match, titles and link as anchor, so you will know what exact link profile the search engines loves.

All plans are for all tools and include 1 day free trial to test! More tools like search engine rank tracker coming soon!
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