SEO Report Case study 1

Compare page ranked #1 to pages from third page

On the homepage I showed basic report for a keyword "best articles" compared page from position around 50 to competitors in top 10. You already note the page which is ranked lower have tons of areas for improvements. Now let see how #1 is optimized against pages ranked on third Google page. I make this case study to show you SEO Flat really works, but also to give you one more basic idea on how it works and how to understand the reports.

Keyword density

In the first report the average keyword density in top 10 competitors were around 0.4%. The link on position #31 have very close points to it, but as you may note most of the competitors not even using the keyword. I understand this example is not very accurate, since for Google, the words "best" and "good" possibly have same weight, but late, when you have access to the software, you may check both keywords and optimize for them.

The word "best".

In the previous report we can see the average density were around 0.9% for the first page. Again the page #31 is very close to it and only one page #33 have very close to #1 density which were 0.51%.

I must say the average density for the word "best" on Google page 3 is close to page 1, but they have a lot of areas to improvement.

The density for word "articles" of #1 were around 1% and the average were the same. Let see the third page:

You may note non of these have even closer to this density.

HTML tags analyzer

  • - Titles - 8 from 10 sites on page 1 in the previous SEO report are using the keyword in meta titles. On page 3 only 3 from 10. It is well known as most important for on-page SEO HTML tag.
  • - H1 tag - curious, because most of the SEO experts says, that using more than one H1 tag in the content is not recommended. But we may note 39 such tags on page 1. Looks like it is important for this keyword to use it more than once. 3 of the pages listed in Google top 10 are using the keyword, while only 2 on third page.
  • - Alt texts - position 20-30 have 3 times more images than these on page 1. Most of the pages on Google 3th page using the keyword in alt text while the others much less. Looks like Google expect more text content on this keyword instead images.
  • - Anchors on the links - on page 1 found 8 and here you can see 0. It is very important for on-page SEO tag. Huge difference.
  • - Emphasized text - nothing to say here. Seems like not important SEO factor for this keyword.
  • - Keyword in link URL - 4 on page 1 VS 2 on page 3.
  • - Body text - huge difference. The keyword in top 10 is used from 8 competitors, while on page 3 only from 2.

Words cloud

It is well visible #1 have 4 out of 5 of the words with the highest density. The average words count used are very close to page 1, but on the previous report, we analyzed page from down position with much more words, which looks like not a good idea. You may see the density of the page 1 for the most important words in meta titles is up to twice higher, than page 3 (22.6% VS 9.86% for the word "articles").

Similar to meta titles, in H1 HTML tags, the density for the most important words is x2 higher on Google page 1.

The list of missed long tail keywords in sites ranked on Google page 3 is much longer, than the first page and you may already know how important the entities are. And I will tell you a secret - non of the pages using the word "week" - seems like the LSI keywords with this word are very easy for ranking, because there have not competitors. This is one more way to use the SEO Flat report.

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