SEO Article – Content Writing Example

In this post I will try to rank for the keyword "SEO article example"

You may already note my SERP journey post on the keyword I targeted as main for the whole website (will keep as secret). It still only one discovered keyword in my search console and exact this one targeted by me. Now I will write this post to show you not just how to write search engines friendly, but also how to use SEOFlat to make it easy and fast. Once the keyword appear in search I will update this post. It will be nothing different, but the next report explanation around the keyword "SEO article example".

begin on page seo content writing

Maybe I picked the wrong keyword for example, because average words used in competitors in Google top 10 are a lot. You may already note, I'm not a good writer, so the task will be little hard. In this moment my content is still about 250 words, while at least 3000 are recommended. There still have 1 competitor with just 500 words, so I hope my content length will be enough at least to rank in top 20. Once again - I do not expect traffic from this article and the only AIM is to show you, that SEOFlat really works. Will not add backlinks, but only on page search engine optimization!

No one in top 10 using exact keyword in the content - see 0% density. Let see what they are using and I will change my content late. I will not add images for each step, but will write what I see. And I see that the competitors are using the word "SEO" with 1.37%, the word "article" with 0.61% and the word "example" with 0.28% density. Will recalculate this on the end of my optimized article sample.

Let see how the competitors made their major for on-page SEO, HTML tags.

Nobody using exact keyword in meta title tag, but I see the most competitors are using the words from it, and I will create the title from these words. Now I will change the title to pass average, adding the words "writing" and "content".

Let see the H1 HTML tag. I already have not such while writing, but it is required to include the most used words from my "not exact" competitors :).  So my H1 tag  become:

SEO Content Writing Example - Search Engine Optimization Article

Well, little long and not that pretty, but hope it will works. See the table:
h1 seo content copywriting

Before I continue will update the content and will recheck using the report using SEOFlat software once again to be sure everything possible for now passing. It is 3 seconds task, so you can do it on each small changes....

Horray!  483 words in my content right now.  I need to include the word "SEO" in all my image alt texts and to bold it everywhere to pass competitors using of these HTML tags. Working on it now...

Done. I note all important HTML tags matching against "competitors". I see 2 important words missing in my post body text according the report. And they are "your" and "blog". They are no longer missing now and when you write your own blog post try to include as much words also called "entitles" as possible.

What left? Let see if I'm missing to cover long tail keywords in order to add more value to my SEO content, get more keywords in the search console and write few more words at least to be little closer to average ranked on first page. After I checked, I found only the words

and "sample".

This is maybe great for final words to tell you that you learned how to write SEO friendly optimized content, but I have better idea. Imagine you can write report like that for anything in your own blog - just name it "research about your keyword" and write to visitors what exact is searched around using real data which Google loves.

Thanks for reading! I will update you once (if) my new researched keyword appear in Google search console.