SEOFlat Journey – SERP Progress

Update: 26.09.2021

The site is still ranked for only one keyword and this article is not yet in index. I write this update, because something strange happen. The site gone from SERP for short period and than appear #1, but for very short period making few impressions and no clicks. Google update or something cool for me coming - who knows. The time will show. I will update this post if something new happen.

serp update

Update 08.10.2021:

I had not much time to work on the site from the beginning. Still no backlinks created and still no clicks on the site. I checked links' profile on and it seems spammy and were made by previous owner. The site appear and disappear from google search constantly (dancing). I don't know why but only 1 keyword stay in the search console. After it become #1 for a short period disappear. What is happen on 6th this month is site become #1 again for the same keyword and have few impressions, but no click. Will keep updating the journey!

serp 8th octomber