What is Title HTML Tag and How to Use SEOFlat

The most important HTML tag for SEO is the meta title tag. In this article you will learn how to use the SEOFlat software to generate perfect SEO title for your pages in few very simple steps.

Step 1 - visit the SEOFlat access page and fill the form just by using any domain and the keyword you want to rank. In this example I'm using the keyword "title tag". While I'm writing this post my page is named just "title tag", but I will change this later. Let get started:

title tag

Step 2 - click on "generate report" button and let get started.

At the point 2 in the report you can see how many of the competitors are using the keyword "title tag" in meta title - in this case 6 from 10. You can also can see how regular they are using each word from the keyword.

analyze titles

You can see that 8 from 10 competitors are using the word "title" and 7 from 10 are using the word "tag". 

Conclusion: it is very important to use the keyword in the meta title tag.

Now scrow down the SEOFlat report to point 3 - words' clouds and sort the words under title tag table by density or by count.


First thing we may note is, that the word title is used total 10 times. From point 2  in the report we noted, that 8 from 10 competitors are using the word in this tag. This means, that 2 of the competitors are using the word "title" twice. In this situation I will perform Google search for the keyword to see wich of them are using twice - if these competitors are in top 5, than it will sounds important and I will use it in my page twice as well... I checked and noted, that top 5 are not using it twice, so I will use it once as well.

In this point I see, that competitors are using average 8.4 words, so I will try to use 8. I also see the most used words, and they are: title, tag, how, what, html, seo, internet and definition. Now I know what my page title will be:

"What is Title HTML Tag and How to Use SEOFlat"